Oeuvre is French word which means  a substantial body of work constituting the lifework of a writer, an artist, or a composer (Merriam-Webster) So.. sharing with you few works I made over the past years. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed creating them!


The Bus Ride

This happened some time in May, when I'm on my way to Makati for a meeting. I am from the Philippines by the way. I got seated near the end of bus. It's like rush hour though it's just 3 in the afternoon. After 10 minutes, a granny boarded the bus and she walks towards... Continue Reading →

Hello, World!

Wow! This has always been my dream - to start writing! And it's finally happening. Yay! I think, in most case, it's very dificult to start. They say when you started doing something, it's as if you are half way done your job! I agree! When you started, there is no going back and you... Continue Reading →

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